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"Relax Mobile Massage provided a small escape from my workday. Deison's massage relieved some of the tension in my neck and shoulders helping to better focus and be more productive."

-Corey K.

 "Friendly and professional service. Can get alot done in short amount of time! "

-Decor Cabinets Employee

 "I felt so refreshed and relaxed after - highly recommend."


I was very impressed with the massage I got from Deison.  I have lower back problems and he was very willing to work around that to give me the best experience possible.  The massage was very relaxing.  I have recommended Deison to those I work with.


-Craig G.

 "Great massage for 15 min. Thank-you! "

-Decor Cabinets Employee

 "Very professional - I have experienced both the 15 min chair massage and also the hour long with oil and both are amazing."